Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Chaubunagungamaug

Yes, that IS a real name of a lake! Aunt Laura and Uncle John live 1 mile away from the craziest lake name I've ever seen! It doesn't even fit ON THE SIGN!

It's an old Indian phrase that means "you fish on your side, I'll fish on my side, nobody fishes in the middle."

What a fun name to say, but everyone just calls it "Webster Lake."

Salute to our Veterans!

Hi everyone!

I've met some really great veterans from the Army, Navy and Marines in my quest to see the world. I'm really glad I got the chance to meet these very special men and women who are willing to sacrifice for our freedom.

Major Gary Spinelli - United States Marine Corps!
Commander Michael Bobulinski of the United States Navy.

Staff Sargent Audrey Hayward, United States Army

The Marines in CT who were running the "Wounded Warriors 8K"

I'd like to honor all of those veterans who have served our country over the years and who are the heroes who have protected us and whom we can look up to and remember with pride.

From Paul Revere.

To those that served on the USS Constitution.
To those that served our country in lots of battles.

To all the countries that ban together to help protect each other. (NATO flags).Thank you to our Veterans - we're proud of everything you do!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Morocco - AFRICA!

I made it to Africa! This is the 7th and Final Continent!

Thank you to Barbara (remember her from Southern CA, she took me to a yoga class and for a dip in the ocean). Barbara sent me to her friend in Melbourne, and today she sent me to her friend Kyle that was visiting a very fun place called MOROCCO!

These first two pictures are in front of a famous hotel "La Mamounia hotel" - This hotel is in a movie out with Sarah Jessica Parker that your mom's might be watching right now!

These next pictures are from an old city in Marrakech (hard to say). This lion was cool, when I think of Africa I think of Lions!

We saw, people, horses, DONKEYS (real ones this time, not statues), buses, mopes, bikes, lots of stuff!Thank you very much Kyle for showing me around Morocco! And a very special thank you to Barbara for helping me get to my last two continents! I have truly been AROUND THE WORLD!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More from Santiago Chile!

I found some more of my pictures from my adventure in Santiago Chile with Andres and Martina!

The first few pictures are of La Moneda Palace, it's like the White House in Chile!

Uhoh.. here we go with the police again! Just kidding, I met the nice Chilean Police officers!

This is a picture of the Entel Tower, its a communication tower and is a landmark of Santiago!

This is me getting on the subway!

This last picture is the tallest building in Chile!

Thank you again to Andres and Martina for showing me around Chile!

Rutherford NJ and Space Telescope Science Institute

This adventure was pretty cool! Remember Audrey from the other day? Well, I met Maureen who is Audrey's sister! Maureen also grew up with Aunt Laura just across the river from Samantha's mom!

Today I met Maureen and her boyfriend Doug. They met me at the Rutherford, NJ train station.

We walked around Rutherford and saw an interesting garden and saw a really scary statue of Poseidon near the state house!
I was a little scared after this so Maureen and Doug took me to Baltimore for some really fun stuff!

Doug is an Astrophysicist! - meaning he studies the Stars and far-off Galaxies! *and you all thought I would stay on earth during my adventures heheh..**

We went to the Space Telescope Science Institute. This is the control room! Look in the back, you can see pictures of space. The Space Telescope Science Institute has telescopes and sattelites that are looking out into space all the time and sending back pictures like this! - VERY COOL!
This is what the Hubble Telescope looks like, and this is me on the model that they have at the institute! That's a picture of space behind me!

This is the front view of the Hubble model! This is a really cool telescope that's out in space taking pictures for us to study outer-space!

Thank you Maureen and Doug for showing me around NJ and the Space Telescope Science Institute! I had a really great time learning about space!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Jersey

I got to go on a really cool road trip with Aunt Laura and Uncle John's friend John! -- Seems like they know a lot of people named JOHN!!! John likes to go for really long bike rides, he even rides his bike to work! How cool is that? We did take the car to get to NJ, because that would be a really long ride!

I found a box turtle while hiking in TomsRiver, NJ.

We got to the beach again.. I REALLY DO LOVE THE BEACH! Here we were allowed to have a CAR on the beach! way cool! We got a beach buggy ride to Barnegat Inlet in Island Beach State Park. The park is part of the barrier island off of NJ

It was a beautiful day at Barnegat Inlet. There was lots of boat traffic and lots of fisherman.

Across Barnegat Inlet is Barnegat Light. The lighthouse is actually on Long Beach Island.

Before leaving Island Beach State Park I relaxed and laid out on the beach -aaaahhhh!

Thank you John for taking me to NJ and having lots of fun!

Bennington Vermont

I had a really quick stop in Bennington Vermont with Aunt Laura & Uncle John's friend Vicki!

We spent the day cruising around and looking at really pretty scenery. We stopped at teh "Bennington Battle Monument"

The monument is in dedication to a turning point of the Revolutionary War. The troops in Vermont were called "The Green Mountain Boys" (everything here is green!!).

There is also a special trail called the "Molly Stark Trail" named after a very special nurse that helped during this time. She turned her house into a hospital to help everyone!

Thank you Vicki for showing me Vermont!